Read below to learn about our working policies in relation to COVID 19

Covid 19.

Bunn Scaffolding is continuously reviewing the current situation with regard to the coronavirus and will be using this page to share any updates to our work.


Installation and Inspections

Our employee and customer’s health and safety are always prioritised at all times and we are aware of the risk of the spread of the virus between our staff, the sites they work on – their families, and the wider community.

In line with our industry advice (COC’s SOP, CITB, Scaffolding Association, and NISC) we have implemented the following for our working practice and continue to review this in line with Government and our Industry advice.

As of 15 May the Government issued new guidance specifically about working in construction and in people’s homes which we are complying with so that we can work safety:  Guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people’s homes and Guidance for people who work in or run outdoor working environments.

  1. COVID Risk assessments for employee’s health & safety including personal health and hygiene, following all government advice in relation to COVID-19 symptoms, testing and self-isolation, lone working and travel to and from work and sites.
  2. We are making detailed risk-based decisions on the amount of site-based activities work that we do; currently we do not do any scaffolding that requires inside access to either inhabited or operational residential or commercial properties
  3. We are operating within the Government’s safe working guidelines and if we have to conclude that safe working is not possible on a site we will withdraw our workers.
  4. Emergency works required during this period will be considered on a case by case basis and in the light of recommended site operating procedures.

In line with current advice, we will complete 7 day Periodic Inspections and Periodic Inspections on sites that are active along with following the actions outline and existing Inspection Risk Assessments for Low and High Risk Sites.

We will require notification to inspect a site that has been closed that is then scheduled to re-open and complete the appropriate Inspection for Returning Scaffold into Service and any remedial work that is required before the structure is used.

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